W. Draztik & Sleepy Biggs – The Rest Did It For Checks

Progress Report in Last Week of Kickstarter Campaign

Peace my people,

D. Allie here. Some of you may know that we have been running a kickstarter campaign for the last month to raise funding for our debut album and if you don’t know, now you know. lol. There are rewards at each level of funding. For example, at $10 you get a copy of the album so this can really be considered a pre-purchase for the album. Furthermore, if you’re local to the Detroit area that also gets you free admission into the Album Release Party which will be March 25th @ The Magic Bag Theater. If you can donate or help spread word in any way at all words cannot describe the level of appreciation. Below are links to a Free Download of our 7 inch which we released late last year and a link to the music video for our lead single. I hope this message finds you all in good health. Thanks for all you have done for us thus far, and thanks in advance for all you may do.

Watch The Video for “Wake Up”

BlueCollar Gentlemen Fri Jan 7th feat. Guilty Simpson

BlueCollar Gentlemen: A Mid-West Hip-Hop Function


a hell of a way to start of 2011!


GUILTY SIMPSON (Almighty Dreadnaughtz / Stones Throw)
METASYONS ( United States of Mind)
NICK SPEED ( Kic Sounds / Submerege)

DJ’s: Crate Digga & Mel Wonder

@ Old Miami
3930 Cass Ave.
Detroit MI
9:30 – 2:00am $3 21+

Can I borrow A Dolla….Antoine Jackson style

I’ll be brief as I will have plenty of time over these next 45 days to harass you so I might as well ramp up as time goes along.  The point is this.  As you know me and Eddie Logix are Progress Report and we want to get our album to you ASAP.  However, to do this we need money and hopefully you can find it within your heart to share some of yours.  For your generous donations we have many gifts to give.  Check out the Kickstarter page and please show your love.

The Weekly Rundown

Hello my good people.  So maybe these rundowns haven’t been so weekly but perhaps that shall be a future goal of mine.  let me keep it short and sweet and hit you with some photos with dates on them (we call those flyers in the music biz).

Me and Eddie will be rockin as Progress Report this Thursday so get involved with us.  And then………………

and my sis is performing at The Magic Bag this Saturday.  She will be with her full band so it promises to be a great night.  I’ll leave you to your own devices on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.

WJLB FM 98 – Where Progress Report Wants To Live?

As you may know if you check up on us often through some miracle they have actually played Progress Report “Wake Up” on the radio.  This is a dream that I abandoned long time ago in terms of being played on Detroit radio.  As we don’t lean or rock with it I figured we’d never see any play from Detroit radio (outside of college radio which holds us down like no other – see Origix & DC).  Anyways if they’re playing us on 98 I’m trying to make them see that there’s a benefit to it.   Therefore, if you could take a minute out of your day and request Progress Report – Wake Up it would be greatly appreciated.  If you got another minute tell a friend to do the same.  Thanks in advance.

Nice Guys Don’t Always Finish First But They Do Tour…or Toor?

Hello peeps. D. Allie here. My boys Parallax from Minnesota are swinging through town on their nice toor in release of their new album so I figured we’d show them how we rock around here. Let’s show them a good time and keep the drinks flowing next thursday at the Black Lotus. Oh and for you it’s FREE so all you gotta do is pay attention.

get involved with Parallax on the web @ http://www.parallaxmpls.com/

I’m sure there’s something hip hop about the spelling in the Flyer. Let’s have some fun. Solo shows are few and far between with me these days so lets celebrate my individuality while it’s still there. lol. In a minute friends.

Progress Report has been getting some blog love so come see about us

Whaddup peeps,

Hopefully you have been finding yourself hitting the site because you have seen us starting to pop up on the web here and there.  As we appreciated the love that the blogs show us, we always want to return the favor and let people that know about us know about them.  Chances are they help shine light on other artists of like mind and ish like that.  So if you would be so kind as to click on some of the links as you might find free downloads from us and our other musical peers.  Explore these sites, enjoy these sites and let em know why you came.  We appreciate your support and your support of the people that support us as we all support each other.  I don’t know if that made sense but I hope a tear drop formed either way.  Peace.

-D. Allie

Thank You Blogs For Taking A Chance On An Unknown Group;  At lease some still have the balls to break an artist.

But Let Me Not Get Too Ahead of Myself: Whatchu Know About The Rodents and The Poets

Come get involved with us tomorrow as we play in support Of Mice and Musicians official EP release party.  Congrats go out to them and they deserve all the accolades that they have coming to them.  They are definitely doing their own thing out here on the band tip.  Are we still celebrating originality out here or should they just be doing a mixtape?  Get active when people are doing something worth the movement.

On another note I’m in a music giving mood today so check this track I did with the homie Dial 81 and get involved with us.  Till the next blog and check us at the next show.