Potholes Shows Mad Love Once Again

whaddup people,

if you’re just tuning in to the blog you might not know but the group I have the privilege of being a part of, United States of Mind, has released our debut album “Kill The Bullshit” as a free download.

As nobody really reads this blog thankfully our good friends at our favorite site www.potholesinmyblog.com put it up for their readership to peruse over.  Jump to their site to check out what they have to say by clicking on their logo at the end of this post.  Happy Holidays if I don’t blog out for the rest of the week.  All I want for Christmas is your eyes and ears so thanks for lending them to me from time to time.  Until next time.

What Would We do Baby Without Us: Shalalala the REmix (word to @iamdiddy)

Take That…Take that — See you guys on the 26th


Free Download: United States of Mind’s debut cd “Kill The Bullshit”

Whaddup my people,

About a year after it’s initial release we have decided to put our debut album up for free download. Why you ask? I’m sure there are some very good reasons.   Here are a few I can think of.

1) Everybody seems to be doing it these days

2) We put a subliminal message in the download to make you murder every other rapper alive.  Even the dope ones.  (of course we hate whack rappers but we also hate rappers more successful than us)

3) At the end of the day we just want you to hear what we’re doing over here.  The money and acknowledgment from our peers is nice and all, but it begins and ends with you.  We do this to express ourselves and whether you like it or not, we’re satisfied if you’ve just given it a listen so you can make an informed decision.  We don’t have any crazy kind of marketing machine or budget or cool friends that make us popular so a free download is our best way to mainline our music directly to the people.

If you like what you hear all we ask is that we let your people know that we’re out here and making music.  Please copy this link and spread it around — http://unitedstatesofmind.bandcamp.com/album/kill-the-bullsh-t and when I  say spread it around I mean hit your blog, hit your twitter, hit your facebook, hit your friends facebook, hit your myspace (do we still use this), and if you run a site feel free to post it.  That’s about all I gotta say about it.  Fuck it actually — if you hate it let us know too cause that’s valid.  Just feel something.  I feel like music has been watered down for so long people have become numb to it and it’s suddenly taken on the form of soilent green or something.  It’s like peeps aren’t even hungry for Hip Hop like they used to be.  Well I say “Kill That Bullshit”.  We cooked something up last year that I feel is gourmet so eat the fuck up and break bread with your fam.  Until next time.


What Would We Do Baby Without Us….Shalalala

What is up my peoples and most importantly what’s good?  I write this from the confines of beautiful AJ’s cafe in the heart of downtown ferndale after enjoying a delicious vegan philly steak and cheese sandwich.  As I’m about to be off to work at The Bosco I figured I’d spare a few minutes and hip you to the happening on December 26th.

The flyer pretty much says it all in terms of the performances except for the fact that DJ Benny Ben will be spinning.  If you need credentials on Benny Ben and you’re from the Detroit area I’m gonna need your credentials first before we even have a discussion on the matter.  Moving along….

The point I was getting at that the flyer can only touch on the family aspect of this bill and the mutual respect and admiration between the acts listed on the bill.  I’ll start with Detroit CYDI.

As I’m often sleepwalking through life (not in the way of these brainwashed masses but you get the point) I only really woke up to CYDI about a year ago first meeting them individually as people and then getting hip to their music through my man Hubert Sawyers site (www.fryinginvein.com where you can go for things that you don’t know about yet, but will swear you’ve been up on when it blows up).  Regardless, they are amazing people (that goes for them and their extended fam — whaddup Stryfe, Notion, Marc Byrd and the million other cats i’m sure i’m forgetting) and the music is eclectic varying style but never really ceases the smooth.  Speaking of smooth, Buttermade Records will be in the building (the imprint that released “Turn Up The Smooth” by Stoopz n Breeze) as Blake Eerie and Hugh Whitaker release their much anticipated project “The Lateef EP”.

I had the opportunity to preview some tracks off this project at a listening party earlier this month and from what I’ve heard this joint is crazy.  Keeping up with the crazy themes each track on this CD directly coincides production wise with tracks from Yusef Lateefs Detroit project (eat your heart out Danger Mouse).  I’ve known both these gentleman through many years and beers so I can’t wait to have a copy of this in my hand.  However, the Family Ties vibe extends beyond the groups performing which is why I tried to keep these descriptions as brief as possible.  As usual it starts and ends with YOU.

We wanted to do a show around Christmas time for all the friends and fam we got that will be coming from out of town.  The music is always important but for me personally on this go round it is ultimately secondary.  The performances will be short and sweet so really I’m just looking to chill with all you people who helped make me the person I am (some for the worse. lol. you know who you are but come out anyways and lets reflect on how we haven’t changed a bit.)  Trust if you’re reading this you are definitely in that friends and fam category (i’m not big enough to have anything but) so come out and lets share a joke or two and a brew.  If that doesn’t get you teary eyed enough I got the clincher.  aaaaaaaaand ACTION –