WJLB FM 98 – Where Progress Report Wants To Live?

As you may know if you check up on us often through some miracle they have actually played Progress Report “Wake Up” on the radio.  This is a dream that I abandoned long time ago in terms of being played on Detroit radio.  As we don’t lean or rock with it I figured we’d never see any play from Detroit radio (outside of college radio which holds us down like no other – see Origix & DC).  Anyways if they’re playing us on 98 I’m trying to make them see that there’s a benefit to it.   Therefore, if you could take a minute out of your day and request Progress Report – Wake Up it would be greatly appreciated.  If you got another minute tell a friend to do the same.  Thanks in advance.

Nice Guys Don’t Always Finish First But They Do Tour…or Toor?

Hello peeps. D. Allie here. My boys Parallax from Minnesota are swinging through town on their nice toor in release of their new album so I figured we’d show them how we rock around here. Let’s show them a good time and keep the drinks flowing next thursday at the Black Lotus. Oh and for you it’s FREE so all you gotta do is pay attention.

get involved with Parallax on the web @ http://www.parallaxmpls.com/

I’m sure there’s something hip hop about the spelling in the Flyer. Let’s have some fun. Solo shows are few and far between with me these days so lets celebrate my individuality while it’s still there. lol. In a minute friends.