Progress Report has been getting some blog love so come see about us

Whaddup peeps,

Hopefully you have been finding yourself hitting the site because you have seen us starting to pop up on the web here and there.  As we appreciated the love that the blogs show us, we always want to return the favor and let people that know about us know about them.  Chances are they help shine light on other artists of like mind and ish like that.  So if you would be so kind as to click on some of the links as you might find free downloads from us and our other musical peers.  Explore these sites, enjoy these sites and let em know why you came.  We appreciate your support and your support of the people that support us as we all support each other.  I don’t know if that made sense but I hope a tear drop formed either way.  Peace.

-D. Allie

Thank You Blogs For Taking A Chance On An Unknown Group;  At lease some still have the balls to break an artist.