W. Draztik & Sleepy Biggs – The Rest Did It For Checks

W. Draztik & Sleepy Biggs “SMOKERS COUGH” Album Release Party **FRIDAY JULY 2ND @ OLD MIAMI**

BlueCollar Gentlemen & USM presents….
Album Release Party!!!

the lineup looks a little something like this:
MIZ KORONA (hell yeah!)
USM (why not?)
MAZ (formerly of Draztik Meazures…. ya know we had to take it back)
& more TBA suprise type shit (c’mon son! it ain’t hip hop if it ain’t last minute)

::::::::::::::::!!IMPORTANT INFORMATION!!:::::::::::::::::::

This album release party will cost you $5 ..oh I know we are getting it in!!!… on your pocket book right!?!? WRONG! we will give you a copy of “SMOKERS COUGH” FREE!
not such a bad deal…right? (it is a full length LP, actual album like artists used to make way back when, pro-pressed like @ a CD factory with saran wrap n shit on it….. not to mention for the sake of the 2 dudes who constructed this smokers cough joint!… 1000’s of their real life & creative hours devoted to making such an outstanding album) so please humor us… $5 got it? lol
USM is motherfuckin recession proof!
not to mention we got alotta love for anybody reading this message right now
we salute you giving a shit

FRIDAY JULY 2ND @ OLD MIAMI 3930 Cass Ave. 21+ $5 10PM-2AM

just a reminder of what your gonna be getting into

If your like me at the end of the week i need some THERAPY. thank god for Big A and Zhaoski

what’s up people.  hope all is well. i usually use my page as others do to promote myself and what i’m doing, but in 2009 i really wanna also shine light on what other dope things others are trying to do out here.  so it’s only right i start with some friends of mine and their event “Therapy”.

I have attached the flyer below so you guys should know this event goes down every sunday.  I attended last sunday and was more than into the vibe.  As sundays should be the night is pretty laid back and low maintenance.  It’s Hosted by Big A and Zhao while Sleepy Biggs and Crate Digga are on the 1’s and 2’s.  The Avenue is a great venue and the ladies behind the bar are easy on the eyes to say the least.  It has about everything you could want in a night.  It is centered around the DJ as every hip hop night should be (it’s bigger than MC’s people).  However, for the MC’s they do have an open mic and a cypher.  I was trying to play the back, but after a little encouragement (that’s an understatement. when Aztek says grab the mic you grab the mic) i had to touch the mic for just a quick second.  For those of you outside of Dearborn, I came from ferndale and the drive is nothing so don’t let that deter you from making the trip.  Also, my boy Big A gave me some free passes to hand out to folks so don’t let money stop you either.  Contact me through this and we can coordinate a way to get you in the door.  Also $2 beers (but tip you bartenders dammit).  What more can i say.  This scene is ours to build or to let wittle and die.  I’m gonna choose the former.
-D. Allie