D. Allie believes music is one of the most powerful mediums that exist today. Growing up in and around Detroit, somewhere in his heart he always knew that this was his calling. As his father is a musician you could say it is in his blood. Writing rhymes since the age of 7, D. Allie has spent years perfecting his craft and finding his own voice. Linking up with his childhood friend, Richie, they formed “Cooperative Opposites” in 1998. Starting out by rocking high school talent shows, they began to take things more seriously in college and released a self-titled 4 song EP which they distributed at the many shows they did in and around the University of Michigan. Unfortunately, “Cooperative Opposites” came to a halt after D. Allie and Richie graduated. Although it temporarily slowed him down, D. Allie kept on moving.

Continuing to do every show available around the area, D. Allie felt the need to record another CD to prove to himself that he could stand alone as a solo artist. Not having the money to do this, he got a job at a recording studio and the only payment he asked for was studio time. Originally planning on doing just an EP to introduce himself as a solo artist, D. Allie hit a creative streak and was able to produce the full length album, “The Cooperative”.

If one is wondering what they will take away from listening to “The Cooperative” or going to a show, D. Allie would tell them “music”. He does not believe one needs some kind of crazy story or marketing scheme to make it in this industry. He comes from a good family, he has lived in the suburbs, got good grades, went to college, and graduated. However, with the ups come the downs and he has had his struggles like everyone else. With a broad range of musical influences, and the ability to talk about an array of subjects, D. Allie puts his life into the music and feels that his music has the ability to reach people regardless of race, class, or any other label people use to divide. He recalls a time when music was more inclusive and it didn’t matter where you were from, what crew you were down with, how many times you were shot, how many drugs you sold, how much money you made, or how real you kept it. BE YOURSELF AND LET THE MUSIC BE THE MUSIC.

USM (United States of Mind) is a collective of diverse, yet like-minded individuals who have come together to advance today’s stagnant hip-hop culture. The collective consists of five emcees (Asylum 7, Metasyons, Draztik, 5-Ill, & D. Allie) and two dj’s/producers (Crate Digga & Sleepy Biggs). Flexing an array of musical styles and influences, this distinct batch of artists provides a fresh and innovative approach to the art form, merging new school lyricism with old school foundation and ethics forged in Detroit’s blue-collar blood. Ever since their formation in early 2007, they have taken huge strides for themselves and the music, performing all around Michigan and frequently venturing into other midwestern cities. They have shared the stage with many of hip-hop’s elite, such as Zion I, OneBeLo, Ill Bill, Sean Price, R.A. The Rugged Man, Blueprint, and Souls of Mischief. “USM continues to stun audiences with their energetic live show while impressing critics with their recordings” Real Detroit Weekly (Best Hip-Hop group of 2008 honors).

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