Nice Guys Don’t Always Finish First But They Do Tour…or Toor?

Hello peeps. D. Allie here. My boys Parallax from Minnesota are swinging through town on their nice toor in release of their new album so I figured we’d show them how we rock around here. Let’s show them a good time and keep the drinks flowing next thursday at the Black Lotus. Oh and for you it’s FREE so all you gotta do is pay attention.

get involved with Parallax on the web @

I’m sure there’s something hip hop about the spelling in the Flyer. Let’s have some fun. Solo shows are few and far between with me these days so lets celebrate my individuality while it’s still there. lol. In a minute friends.

Dial 81, Intricate Dialiect, Beverley Fresh, 2040, and Mobil are Sweeeet!

Okay.  The homie Dial81 and Intricate Dialect dropped a free project at last week and this is my fav song off the track.  I hate saying why songs are my fav and explaining art in general (it’s just how I feel) but i’ll appease you a little.  I really dig the Superior Belly camp because frankly, they do whatever the fuck they want.  They’ll sample anything, say anything, try anything and that’s what makes the style everything.  I especially think that care free creative attitude comes across on this track.  Listening to this can quickly turn a winter night into a spring eve and something else that would be said in a woman’s deodorant commercial.  With that being said take a listen and if you like it click the album cover below the track to jump to Superior Belly and download the project for free.99.