BlueCollar Gentlemen Fri Jan 7th feat. Guilty Simpson

BlueCollar Gentlemen: A Mid-West Hip-Hop Function


a hell of a way to start of 2011!


GUILTY SIMPSON (Almighty Dreadnaughtz / Stones Throw)
METASYONS ( United States of Mind)
NICK SPEED ( Kic Sounds / Submerege)

DJ’s: Crate Digga & Mel Wonder

@ Old Miami
3930 Cass Ave.
Detroit MI
9:30 – 2:00am $3 21+

Chief’s “Broken” Ironically Comes Together

Whaddup yall,

Been a minute since I blogged as usual, but it means I’m busy outside of the net so it’s all good.  Anyway’s I’ve been meaning to get at you about my boy Chief’s new album for the last couple weeks but am just finding the time now to sit down at this computer.  Goes without saying as I don’t promote ish I don’t like, but let me hit you with the disclaimer.  I have known Chief for quite some time and we’ve shared many beers and many shows as we toured together last year.  Now that you know my bias here goes nothing….

To really get the experience of Chief you have to check out a live show which I had the pleasure of doing by attending the album release party for this project.  I’m not gonna say his music is for everyone as the masses enjoy that whack shit, but the people that are in to Chief’s music hang on his every word like it is the gospel.  He really speaks to a certain demographic that is diverse but also quite niche pertaining to specific experiences around the Detroit area, but ghetto’s and suburbs surrounding them are found everywhere I guess (meaning you don’t have to be from around Detroit to get it, but it helps).  At his show he ran through a catalog of material and the crowd knew all the tracks like it was Jay Z at the Garden or some shit.  As I’m not an expert at the body of work Chief has released I had to ride with the CD in the car for a week to get a feel for what this specific project was talking about.  Needless to say it hasn’t left the CD player too much.  Here are my thoughts specifically on the CD.

Chief “Broken” Review

I don’t know what it is exactly what people love about Chief and I’m sure there are an array of reasons, but if I could take a guess it is that Chief is a man extremely comfortable in his own skin and it shines through in his music.  He speaks his mind (i know this is what all artists are supposed to do, or at least they front like they do, but Chief has a uniquely direct way of letting you know how he feels) and leaves it up to you to hate it or love it.  However, it would seem that Chief is most comfortable in pain and that pain is what connects you to his music whether you can relate or perhaps feel better about your problems. I was telling a friend that after listening to this CD i felt like giving into all my vices and just saying fuck it.  For some reason I MEAN THAT AS A COMPLIMENT.  You figure it out.

As an EP the CD covers an amazing amount of ground in terms of mood, subject, and feel while staying true to its downtempo and headphone roots which get close to stretching the bounds of what hip hop is considered.

Starting off with “This Cloud ft. Rusty” Chief acknowledges his pain but you feel like there is a desire to climb out from the under and win.

On “Broken” which is the title track and my favorite track, he discusses what is probably one of his and all man’s greatest vices in terms of a woman and it also works if it is a metaphor for hip hop.  Just because you are broken doesn’t mean you can’t find and be in love.

With “Lesson in Love ft. Kiko” Chief finishes the woman thought out with a sick lesson in vocal harmony from Kiko.  This lady absolutely killed it and should be checked for on the solo tip if she has any work out.  The last verse begins an emotional ascension of sorts.  Taking a departure from just pointing out the flaws and mistakes there is a desire to change.

On “Gotta Stop Running” finds a little help from his friends as Phathom rips this track to shreds as far as you can tear up a downtempo track.  Hook is dope.

On of my favorite phrases is “If you don’t know where you’re coming from, where would you go”.  Chief acknowledges his love of this phrase on “Days I Remember” which is the lead single.  This is probably the most feel good track on the album in my opinion and as we are a reminiscent generation, I think everyone will appreciate this track.  Good choice for the single, but i wanna see anything from track 2-4 get released next (my vote is “Broken”)

“In Times Things Change” is not my cup of tea, but I wouldn’t consider it a miss but this  is also a feel good and inspirational tracks (perhaps I myself am too bitter to truly appreciate the inspirational. lol or that’s actually not that funny if true).

“SODC” puts me right back on track with the program.  This song can give you a sense of pride if you’re sharing the same experience as Chief is.  As he has this desire to change, he’s also trying to love every moment on the in between time. And isn’t that when life happens.

“Vinnie Johnson” is the closer and the most perfect way to end this CD.  Although we all have to handle serious business, you gotta have fun and enjoy yourself and that’s exactly what Chief does with this joint.  As the rest of the CD is extremely up close and personal, this is an ode to the punchline style and attitude that Detroit is probably most known for.

I usually won’t go through every song when reviewing, but this is a shorter project and the man is saying something on every track.  This ain’t a club project but if you’re into that you’re not reading this anyways.  To me this is one of those “Headphone Masterpieces”.  You will enjoy this most in your bedroom with the lights low and just zone out, or when driving in your car alone thinking about your path.  The production is tight (check the credits and know i could write a book of compliments on everyone involved), there is real substance to the lyrics, and it is a complete project in a world filled with singles and ringtones. What more do you want?  I could go on and on but I have my own struggles to attend to.  Cop this from (CLICK ALBUM COVERS ABOVE TO JUMP TO SITE) and tell em Large Marge sent ya.  In a minute yall.

For All My Brothers Having Girl Problems or Just Lovers of Good Music: Rachel Profiling

Rachel Profiling – Dood Computer & Stir Crazy featuring Dezmatic (click this)

whaddup world,

let me start by saying it is in the friends and fam section but i don’t know these dudes from adam.  just didn’t have a better category to put it in and they are brothers in arms in the fact that they make music from the heart.  just saw this vid over at in the forums.  don’t know how to throw the video directly in the blog but do the extra effort and click on it.  you’ll definitely digg. the vibe of the beat is dope, and the concept of the track is something a brotha can relate to right now.  the vid is the ish to. it’s a top to bottom smash in my opinion and seeing things like this makes me have faith in music.  share in my faith and let me know what you think.

Zo! and Asylum 7 present “Overdue Process”

Whaddup world.  I would like to take the time today to introduce you to Zo! and Asylum 7.  They have just released a new album called “Overdue Process” and you can sample some of the tracks HERE.

I’m not really an album reviewer and I do know both of them personally so I am biased but I will say this.  For all you jazz heads and cats that like to just chill and vibe out through the head phones, this is most definitely the album for you.  I have only given it a couple listens so it would be an understatement to state how dope the lyrics are because you have to listen to what Asylum is saying over and over before it truly sets in (remember the times where you actually listened to an album for more than a week…..well this would be a return to that form).  The lyrical topics range on a number of topics, but I am a big fan of “One Bad Thing”.  It’s just the way A7 paints the picture of the day that has me on repeat.  I also love the vibe of the title track “Overdue Process”.  I could go on and on cause you really won’t skip a track.  alright, one more in that “Crushing” is the summer cruising with your chick album.

Once again I could keep going, but make up your own opinions.  Check the link i put in the first few sentences and comment back here on what you think.  It is available on itunes and amazon and all that (brothas handle biz).  This album is definitely playable all year round (especially in the evenings), but i really can’t wait to play this joint in the summer in the ride.  I think you’ll agree.  Till next time.

If your like me at the end of the week i need some THERAPY. thank god for Big A and Zhaoski

what’s up people.  hope all is well. i usually use my page as others do to promote myself and what i’m doing, but in 2009 i really wanna also shine light on what other dope things others are trying to do out here.  so it’s only right i start with some friends of mine and their event “Therapy”.

I have attached the flyer below so you guys should know this event goes down every sunday.  I attended last sunday and was more than into the vibe.  As sundays should be the night is pretty laid back and low maintenance.  It’s Hosted by Big A and Zhao while Sleepy Biggs and Crate Digga are on the 1’s and 2’s.  The Avenue is a great venue and the ladies behind the bar are easy on the eyes to say the least.  It has about everything you could want in a night.  It is centered around the DJ as every hip hop night should be (it’s bigger than MC’s people).  However, for the MC’s they do have an open mic and a cypher.  I was trying to play the back, but after a little encouragement (that’s an understatement. when Aztek says grab the mic you grab the mic) i had to touch the mic for just a quick second.  For those of you outside of Dearborn, I came from ferndale and the drive is nothing so don’t let that deter you from making the trip.  Also, my boy Big A gave me some free passes to hand out to folks so don’t let money stop you either.  Contact me through this and we can coordinate a way to get you in the door.  Also $2 beers (but tip you bartenders dammit).  What more can i say.  This scene is ours to build or to let wittle and die.  I’m gonna choose the former.
-D. Allie