W. Draztik & Sleepy Biggs “SMOKERS COUGH” Album Release Party **FRIDAY JULY 2ND @ OLD MIAMI**

BlueCollar Gentlemen & USM presents….
Album Release Party!!!

the lineup looks a little something like this:
MIZ KORONA (hell yeah!)
USM (why not?)
MAZ (formerly of Draztik Meazures…. ya know we had to take it back)
& more TBA suprise type shit (c’mon son! it ain’t hip hop if it ain’t last minute)

::::::::::::::::!!IMPORTANT INFORMATION!!:::::::::::::::::::

This album release party will cost you $5 ..oh I know we are getting it in!!!… on your pocket book right!?!? WRONG! we will give you a copy of “SMOKERS COUGH” FREE!
not such a bad deal…right? (it is a full length LP, actual album like artists used to make way back when, pro-pressed like @ a CD factory with saran wrap n shit on it….. not to mention for the sake of the 2 dudes who constructed this smokers cough joint!… 1000’s of their real life & creative hours devoted to making such an outstanding album) so please humor us… $5 got it? lol
USM is motherfuckin recession proof!
not to mention we got alotta love for anybody reading this message right now
we salute you giving a shit

FRIDAY JULY 2ND @ OLD MIAMI 3930 Cass Ave. 21+ $5 10PM-2AM

just a reminder of what your gonna be getting into

Just When You Thought You Were Nice: When Yesterday’s Up Becomes Today’s Down

So I thought today I might write a little blog about one of the many hiccups we had along the way in the making of the above vinyl, but I say “why talk about old problems you solved when you can talk about the new problems that are happening right before your eyes.”  Alright, I don’t say that and neither should you, but in this instance I must put the aforementioned quote into action.

As quickly as we had a date for our release party we lost a date for our release party.  I could scream, shout, yell, and complain, but I feel like I personally know everyone who reads this (and in actuality I probably do in some way, shape, or form and if I don’t let’s change that – holla at a backpacker) and if you know me you know that’s far from my style.

As I had to hit you with a little bit of negative with the news I’m gonna quickly shift to the positive.  We will have a release party sometime this century (gotta start with wider goals before you narrow them down. lol) and it will be dope.  Also I have a new song I recorded last week with the homie Dial 81 (he might kill me for doing this, but I think he’ll understand as we’re about to grab some drinks) and I want to share it with you as I’m in a bit of a jaded mood and need to love music again.  It’s very rough and unfinished, but it’s a bit how I feel about the state music is in right now.  I think music could be served well by being a little more rough and unfinished so here it is.

(if you happen to be reading this by way of facebook you might have to go to the actual blog to see it.  www.hiphopismysoul.com)

Superior Belly Presents Spillout Series Vol. 4 w/ Progress Report and The British Knights

As always it’s been a minute, but it will be more than a minute before I leave you for a minute if you get what I’m saying.  I think I confused myself so I’ll put it another way.  I’ve been off the scene for a minute  just trying to find myself.  I trained with the Shaolin Masters, observed with the monks, flew with the seagulls, ran with the wolves, and of course completed seasons 1-5 of The Wire.  In this soul searching period I also had time to form a new group with my man Eddie Logix entitled Progress Report, and our self titled debut release is done and will be out later this year, but before all that LP nonsense and digital ish allow me and my comrades to take you back for a sec with a little something I like to call Vinyl.

Yeah that’s right….Vinyl.  With the help of our friends over at Superior Belly and Exchange Bureau Music we are putting out a limited edition colored 7 inch record which we shall call the Gold Star Edition (since the industry ain’t gonna give us one we printed up our own gold record).  There will only be 300 copies available and I know what you’re thinking.  Is that because they only had enough money to print up 300 copies?  If that is your question you are absolutely right, but allow me to be serious for a second.

When I released my debut album “The Cooperative” I said to myself “If nobody feels the project I can say I gave it my all, quit, and put on that suit and tie, or for those that know me my apron and oven mitts (I rep Caesars on occasion).”  Luckily, or unluckily as some may see it, it was everybody that is reading this (that means you) that helped me to believe in myself and push all those fall back plans to the back.  Now there is no turning back.  I have definitely had my ups with this music thing, but I have also had my downs and I try to let you see both through my writings and my music.

I don’t know where I’m going with this so let me sum it up.  Through all the shows that I’ve played no matter how big or small your support and encouragement have truly meant the world to me and it will continue to do so.  I don’t got fans (I’m not that cool), but I’m blessed to have a lot of friends I’ve met through my travels that support me in whatever I do so this music is for all of us.  It is my hope that you will see this project as a step forward for me (hence the title Progress Report) and continue to support.

With all that being said, we are having a release party for the Vinyl on Saturday June 26th in the Shelter.  The cover is $7 and we are giving away the vinyl to all that attend.  This is my first time playing at The Shelter.  This is special for me in the fact that it has always been a childhood dream of mine (or at the very least a drunken high school fantasy) to play this venue.  However, I no longer want to be that tree in the unpopulated forest so I would enjoy some people there to hear me make a sound (probably a bad metaphor because I don’t want to fall. lol).

If you’ve read this far you’ve probably been in my corner for quite sometime and of course as this is up on my blog I’m merely preaching to the choir.  Therefore, it is my hope that you’ll tell a friend, post the flier up on your page, write about it on your blog, or do whatever you think will get one more person in the door.  I’ve never been too proud to ask for your support and as I have set the date for my biggest show thus far I’ll need it now more than ever.

In the 3 weeks leading up to the show I’ll try to blog about the long strange journey it’s been to create this vinyl so keep posted and stay connected.  I’m definitely swinging for the fences with this project so hopefully I hit that home run before I max out all my credit cards, and I know what you’re thinking. … This guy really takes a long time to sum things up.  With that being said I leave you with the lead single that will be on the vinyl aptly entitled “Wake Up”. (Don’t think I’m giving away all the milk for free as there is a b-side remix done by The British Knights for Exchange Bureau Music and a bonus track featuring someone very special to me).  Let’s Go!