Dial 81, Intricate Dialiect, Beverley Fresh, 2040, and Mobil are Sweeeet!

Okay.  The homie Dial81 and Intricate Dialect dropped a free project at www.SuperiorBelly.com last week and this is my fav song off the track.  I hate saying why songs are my fav and explaining art in general (it’s just how I feel) but i’ll appease you a little.  I really dig the Superior Belly camp because frankly, they do whatever the fuck they want.  They’ll sample anything, say anything, try anything and that’s what makes the style everything.  I especially think that care free creative attitude comes across on this track.  Listening to this can quickly turn a winter night into a spring eve and something else that would be said in a woman’s deodorant commercial.  With that being said take a listen and if you like it click the album cover below the track to jump to Superior Belly and download the project for free.99.