United States of Mind and The Metro Times

It’s that time of year again where the Metro Times sends out their Best of Polls.  Of course these things are silly, but per usual I’m petty enough to want to win some shit so I can front to my parents like I’m making progress in this world.  And I happen to belong to a few categories so if you could be so kind holla at ya boy one time.  here is where you can fill in my name.

Best in Culture

Best Local Hip-Hop Artist or Group – United States of Mind
Local Artist or Group with Best Chance of Going National – United States of Mind

Best Nightlife

Best Bar for Under 30s – The Bosco
– The Bosco
– David Strauss (yes…use the government name)
As usual thanks for your support as it means the world to me.  It would be great if we win it will help out our cause greatly.

1 rule on this thing though you gotta at least voted for 20 things in Detroit (place to eat hang out etc. etc.) if you don’t fill out 20 your ballot won’t go through.

PS. If you got people that can help out please forward this thing to them…Im sure with a lil effort we can take this

Tell us what’s Best — that’s your move to wrestle an invite to the BEST PARTY OF THE YEAR. Once again, as we have since 1986, we’re asking MT readers to point us to what’s best in metro Detroit, greasy …

@The Bosco which is Italian for Forest, or an Urban Playground if You Will

Whaddup All,

Haven’t done a blog in the new year yet so figured I’d give you a quick shout.  No news is good news as it means I’m making moves to give you bigger news at a later date.  At the very least that’s what I’ll tell you guys to make it seem like I’m not a complete lazy ass throughout the majority of my days, but that’s neither here nor there.

What’s here is that a brotha will be partying it up at The Bosco (22930 Woodward Ave., Ferndale, MI, 48220 or the lighted boxes right next to The Magic Bag Theater) this week.  Actually, I’m just working there but doesn’t it sound much more luxurious and baller if I just say I’m partying.  Semantics I SAY!!!!

Tonight (which is a Wednesday for you people that think the Romans have the final word on time) we will be celebrating the birthday of Jared Sykes.

You might recognize this man from playing various pieces of percussion (and no “percussion” is not slang for “ladies”. lol. let the roasting begin).  He is also known for throwing killer parties and even more crazy after parties (if my girlfriend asks I’ve never been to these after parties and if the girls at the afterparties ask I’ve never had a girlfriend).  Anyways, the point of this there will be many people there, the ratio will be dope, and drinks will be strong.  If that’s not enough to convince you let me present exhibit B. My partner in crime Shaun.

Now onto Friday where the homie Frankie Bank$ will be spinning as part of the rotation.

He spins good shit, and we got half priced bottles of wine and champagne from 8-11.  So if you’re with you’re lady this is the spot for that after dinner drink on some Johnny Kemp “friday night, just got paid” ish.

Alright kids.  Spread the word on this if you don’t want me to get evicted from my home and hopefully next time I write I’ll have some good music news to share.  oh, before I forget shout out to the homie Selfsays (@selfischarles on twitter) for getting some burn on the Gilles Peterson show.  I would compliment him more but I’m extremely jealous and going into a dark place. lol. When I was in a better place I wrote a blog on him so search the site and get familiar.  in a minute.