United States of Mind says “Kill The Bullshit”

Whaddup Netheads,

don’t really got much to say, but i am excited.  the album has been sent off to be manufactured and the release will be Saturday Febuary 28th at Elements Gallery in Beautiful Dowtown Detroit.   This will also mark the return of kill the bullshit which will take place the last Saturday of every month.  This album has been quite awhile in the making so i truly hope you will enjoy it.  I will of course be hitting you guys off with more information as the date nears and begging you for help, but for now i just wanted to share this with you.

also don’t think i haven’t been keeping busy.  been in the lab so should have some more projects coming out in 09 for you guys to put your ear on.  just keep checking for me and spread the word.  let your people know that United States of Mind is coming.

New Collaboration w/ The Fakehunters

The Fakehunters are some cats for France that are making dope shit so i had to fuck with em.  you can check out what they do @ http://www.myspace.com/fakehunters and there you can find out collaboration.  It’s a rough mix, but you’ll get the point as usual.  The song is called “Life for Granted”.  You will also be able to find the song on my myspace page @ www.myspace.com/cooperativeopposites.   I know not many are checking this right now as it is new but I hope people will comment and give opinions. i am not afraid of criticism.  in fact since i am putting myself out there, i guess i am encouraging it.  Let me know what you think and please support the fakehunters.  For one they are dope and secondly they support me.   I’ll keep ya updated.

Real Detroit did an article on me

Real Detroit Article On Me.  Mad love to Travis who has shown me love since i have known him.

check the link


I Need Your Vote For Urb Magazine’s Next 1000

I recently made Urb Magazine’s Next 1000 and I need your help to show those fuckers they should have put me in their Next 900 list. Here’s the link:

You can sign up to vote by going to http://www.urb.com/promotions/next1000/ and looking for the “sign up here” link.

and once you do that you can find my page here: http://www.urb.com/promotions/next1000/profiles/1316-D.+Allie.php

just click on the stars by my name (preferably 5 stars) and you are done and you have helped me more than you know once again.

you might have to quickly register, but it’s a small price to pay to not have me harrass you for at least a couple days.

also, for your troubles I have put my album “The Cooperative” up for free download at www.detroitrap.com so if you don’t have it yet go cop that shit.

As always, thank you and spread the word if you can.

Clips From Magic Bag Show on December 12th (thanks joe)

the title says it all.  i actually recorded the whole performance and i will be releasing a live cd in the up and coming months.  take a look at the footage and let me know what ya think.  you can see more live clips from me and united states of mind if you enjoy @ http://www.youtube.com/user/usmdet

D. Allie @ Magic Bag pt. 1

D. Allie @ Magic Bag pt. 2

D. Allie @ Magic Bag pt. 3

D. Allie @ Magic Bag pt. 4